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Swanky Vintage Barbeque

(Originally written for the Metrolina Restore Blog…)

Ahhhh it’s almost Memorial Day, which means official BBQ season has begun! Why not do it up with vintage style using great MOD BBQ items found at the ReStores? Remember that the style is all in the details…so even a few of these items added into the mix will add a zippy vintage flair to your day!

Cowboys and stew on the grill make for a fun BBQ!

Vintage trays for drinks, food and décor are fun to use and collect…check out these two that have quintessential midcentury grill and BBQ graphics:

I actually have these two hanging on my screened porch because the graphics are so much fun!

This would also be the perfect time to pull out that mod vintage cooler that we blogged about earlier this month here and use it for it’s intended purpose- add bottles of soda or beer in retro packaging, easily found these days-especially since all the hipsters have a rediscovered love of vintage packaging!

I also found this fab BBQ serving plate at the Gaston County ReStore:

Don’t forget beer mugs, pilsner glasses and vintage barware- especially if you are grilling out in your own backyard- don’t forget the checkerboard tablecloth!

Headed to the park for a Memorial Day picnic? Grab the checkerboard tablecloth and pack a picnic midcentury style with a great vintage basket and melamine (plastic) dishes:

And if you really want to amp up the midcentury fun factor…try one of these *yummy* midcentury recipes taken from a June 1957 Better Homes and Gardens Issue:

Nothing says BBQ like soup in a mug!
Cling Peaches with catsup…YUM!

(I sure would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when these recipes were pitched as something great for a hot summer day.)

You can find these fun picnic and BBQ items year round at the ReStores- don’t forget to look for them and save them for the perfect BBQing opportunity and have a retro-tastic Memorial Day!

Sears advertisement 1957