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Vintage Halloween- something to search for year round!

(Originally written for the Metrolina Restore Blog…10/15)

Traditional blow mold trick-or-treat buckets.

Are you ready for the upcoming spooky Halloween holidays? It’s October and I happen to know some people that have had their decorations up since last month! It’s no joke- Halloween is now the second most popular holiday for holiday home décor after Christmas! But why buy new when you can use vintage items to decorate and get them at a discount? Vintage holiday items are always a bit harder to find but it always helps to know what too look for, so here are some things to seek and find to help you get ready for your Halloween with a vintage flair!

ModBettieProTip: Some Restores put these vintage holiday items out when they receive them and others wait until the season. These are definitely items you should put on your “grab-em when you see-em” list whenever you come across them in the stores because they are getting a bit harder to find. And they are just so much fun to pull out and use when the season hits!

Keep in mind that since you are gathering items for Halloween, the shabbier and older something looks is typically better, so this is one of those times when seeking something “mint” or in very good condition just isn’t necessary.

Blow molds, jack-o-lanterns, ceramic or glass pumpkins– these are always popular and of course I love the older ones much more than anything that is being currently produced today; the pumpkins can easily transition into Thanksgiving displays!

Cat and Jack-o-lantern blow mold from 1960s
Vintage popcorn style wall décor.
This clear glass pumpkin jar could be filled with candy for Halloween and then decorative fall items for the rest of the season.

Scary Clowns-Okay, ever since the movie Poltergeist, I have always been afraid of clowns and I know I’m not alone! These are definitely one of those items that you can collect all year long and then group them together for a spooky display at Halloween, and they are especially scary if they show some shabby wear- EEEK!

That smile is.absouletly.meanacing.
The googley eyes and red eyebrowns on these plastic cups still give me nightmares.

Halloween Themed Glassware: there have been several companies (Cera, Fred Press) that made “Name your Poison” type barware- these are highly collectible and typically hard to find but I did a touchdown happy dance once when I did snag one for $1.00! So keep your eyes peeled….

Name Your  Poison midcentury double old fashioned glasses from Cera.

Chalkware is a whole fun category of wall art items that I find so strangely fun – like fruits and veggies with faces -or eerie, like these Halloween appropriate devil children:

One part cute, one part creepy!

Halloween colored kitchenware and serve ware– Now is the time to pull out all the orange, red-orange (and black) vintage kitchenware, both glass and enamel that you have to make a fun Halloween display-

Pyrex new dots and Catherineholm enamelware in Halloween Orange

And here’s my favorite fall and Halloween upcycle trick:

Use planters as a pumpkin display– use your mod bullet or chrome planter for pumpkins! Sometimes I add mums around just to make it extra colorful.

There are so many other fun midcentury and vintage Halloween items to collect and display- what are your favorites?

Pyrex barbed wire divided dish- perfect to hold candy for the trick or treaters this time of year!