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The many uses for vintage cookbooks…even if you don’t cook!

Do you remember your grandmother’s cookbook? It held all the secrets of her special meals and the extra love she put into them. Cookbooks are often passed down in families with secret recipes and birthday meals included in the margins. Cookbooks are a huge part of vintage nostalgia and our history and you can often find these gems in many differing iterations at the ReStores.

Why do I love midcentury cookbooks? A number of reasons- and absolutely  NONE of them are because I like to cook!

1. Fun for decorating in the kitchen and for giving as gifts.

These large editions that were part of a series from Better Homes and Gardens and Betty Crocker have beautiful pictures; this one would make a perfect wedding present for newlyweds:

2. The graphics are typically A-dorable!

I just love ’em: cute cartoon housewives cooking in full dress; they make me smile every time. And the tips are also fun…

3.Many times the pictures use items from my vintage cookware collections.

This is fun to see this  Pyrex Pink Scroll casserole in action, for example in this 1960’s casserole book.

4. Wacky dishes and food combos.

We all know this is huge fun to read these recipes and wonder how and why people really ate this stuff! Any gelatin recipe book will be chock full of hours of entertaining dishes:

5. Hints of the past.

I happen to love it when the previous owner of the cookbook has made notes, inscribed the book or kept additional recipes in the books; they are often found this way with fun items hiding inside, just waiting to be discovered! I like to think of them as bonus insight into the story of the previous owner and their cooking past.

Make sure to check the ReStores in the vintage book section for all versions of these fun vintage cookbook finds. And the holidays are coming…so remember they make great gifts for any of the cooks or bakers too!