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Another Get-Outta Town for Vintage trip: Lincoln County Restores

(Originally written for the Metrolina Restore Blog 3/13/16…)

The blog sisters of the Habitat Metro Restores made another trip recently to outskirts-this time to the Lincoln County Restore to find treasures! It’s not but about 45ish minutes out of Charlotte….

There was plenty of mod goodness to be found and some surprises!

We started off with this mod aqua and gold barware in several midcentury styles and for only $1 each:

Next, check out this 1960s NIOB wall measure perfect for decorating a child’s room- soooo cute:

And whaaaaat?! This ReStore has clothing! What about this groovy graphic skirt:

There were some fun midcentury games-can you get any more midcentury than bridge?

One to snag before next holiday season when everyone wants them: fantastic glass punch bowl with matching cups:

And check out this adorable chest for a child’s room with such fun graphics- don’t love it TOO much, because it’s SOLD:

We zipped across town to the 2nd Restore in Lincoln County and spied this long, lean, curvy sofa:

And this metal desk straight out of an episode of Mad Men:

And this fab leather rocker- for only $40:

And these are just the a few of the great items in the Lincolnton Restores

Convinced yet?!  You know what we say… “Get outta town!” to find those Restore deals!