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These are a few of my favorite (vintage cleaning) things…

novelty cleaning prods

When I recently did the February ReStore ReNew Event on Midcentury 101 at the Gaston Habitat ReStore I had a extremely popular section on care, cleaning and maintenance of midcentury items.

So, I am taking the good advice of my ReStore blogsister, Jennifer Burnham and recapping my very favorite top three items to revive, clean and care for midcentury and vintage goodies. This is just really good info to pass along to fellow vintage lovers for several reasons because not only is it important to be able to keep your 40, 50 or 60+ year old items maintained, but it’s also very helpful to be able to quickly identify what can be cleaned off an item vs. a permanent flaw that you’ll have to live with when shopping in resale and vintage stores.

(….read the rest of the article  written as a guest post for the Metrolina ReStores Blog.)


Happy Cleaning!

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ReStore Carpet Remnant REVEAL

Well, today was my first day on live TV as a Restore blogger on Charlotte Today!  But, much to my surprise they didn’t give me the full hour of the show like I imagined they would…so, I didn’t get to talk about what may be one of my most fav ReStore finds yet: this ultra Mid Mod style $6 carpet roll remnant!

Swank-ola carpet remnant from the ReStore-- $6!!!
Swank-ola carpet from the ReStore

My bud Bob Margies-of MHS Interior Carpet Design  –or my carpet guru–as I have now taken to referring to him,  has given me tons o’ good and useful information about carpet binding that I just MUST share. Because you never know when you, too, will come across that roll of perfect $6 carpet at the ReStore and decide that it needs a prominent place in your life!

First Bob gave me some great info about this particular carpet remnant. He told me it had high wool content, which is generally more expensive (jackpot!!!)  and that a piece of this size, a  4″x 6″ could easily run me up to $45 just for the carpet alone. Binding choices for rugs are evidently endless. You can color match, choose a narrow or wide binding size and even leather can be a choice if you like:

Wide binding in sooo many colors
Wide binding in sooo many colors

And even more binding choices:

And more binding color choices!
And more binding color choices!

Your application charge is going to depend on the binding you pick and the way you’d like it done, of course. You can add padding to the carpet if you like ( this piece already had padding) and you can also  work with him to do interesting custom shapes if needed, like around a mantel, for example,  or a special cutout size for a bay window or whatever other fun shapes you might dream up!

According to Bob, binding a standard size like this rug will run about $100. Bob and his team chose the wider orange cotton binding for my rug-because, remember orange is on trend! So this fancy binding costs about $150.

Wide binding and fancy mitered edges! Thanks MHS
Wide binding and fancy mitered edges! Thanks MHS

Purchasing a rug of this size with wide cotton binding and mitered corners could easily cost as much $275-$300 in some shops and EVEN MORE in some boutique stores! For me, the savvy ReStore shopper, however this cost a mere $156+tax, a savings of 40-50%!

WOWEEE! Finished bound rug, courtesy of MHS Interior Carpet Design and the Metrolina Habitat ReStore!
WOWEEE! Finished bound rug, courtesy of MHS Interior Carpet Design and the Metrolina Habitat ReStore!

And I have a cool and unique high quality mod style rug for my screened porch, ahem, outdoor living space that goes oh-so-perfectly with my 1940’s oilcloth furniture:

In place on the porch with the electric fireplace and apt to photobomb doggie Otis
In place on the porch with the electric fireplace and apt to photobomb doggie Otis

Aaaaahhh. It’s even nicer by the electric fire! Buzz Bob Margies at MHS Interior Carpet Design with any questions on rugs, carpet and etc at 704 361-9191; his team is awesome and he is super helpful! You can see some more of his creative work around town and across the Carolinas here.

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Carpet Remnant GOLD at the ReStore

OOOoooo how much fun is a reveal? Very!

In May I attended the ReStore Restyle event at the Habitat Restore in Mooresville with my Restore Blog sisters Cheryl Luckett from Dwell By Cheryl & Jennifer Burnham of Pure and Simple Organizing.

Restore Bloggers Jennifer Burnham, from left, Cheryl Luckett and Donna Scott.
Restore Bloggers Jennifer Burnham, from left, Cheryl Luckett and Donna Scott.

It was a such a fun opportunity to be inspired by great designers and their creative upcycling minds and of course, to shop with my genius Restore blog sisters in a fresh new-to-me Restore! This was our collective blogger buggy by the end of the night:

Loaded UP with Goodies from the Mooresville ReStore

We all racked up and I completely scored!!! I got a bakelite kitchen utensil, some fun black,  chrome, glass light fixtures and then in the way back side corner of the store, my headed started swimming when I opened up a roll of carpet (TIP: Open up the rolls of carpet-they all look the same if they’re rolled inward–Eeeeesh!) to discover this truly SWANK-OLA and unbelievably  Mod Carpet Remnant:

Down The Roll

This,  my friends, was a 4X5ish piece of funky cool carpet for ONLY $6!!!! GAH! So orange-y and artistic! and so inexpensive! Double GAH!

So I took my swankola carpet remnant to my buddy Bob at MHS Interior Carpet Design to have it bound and made into a rug for my outdoor living area, which, according to my interior design friends,  is a fun and fancy way for me to refer to my screened porch.  Bob took the $6 remnant to some designers he works with and this is the binding pic he sent to me….

According to Bob’s team-orange is ‘HOT’ in interior design right now…so how fun to be told my ReStore find is right on trend!

Bob was just as excited about my ReStore find as I was and he has already given me so many other great tips about this particular piece of carpet, on the binding of carpet into rugs and home décor items in general–tips I cannot wait to share with all of you! This  new rug will revealed in it’s full Mod glory this WEDNESDAY, JULY 24  at 11:00am on Charlotte Today, when I also talk about some other cool vintage/ midcentury and mod collectibles that I have found at the ReStore over the last year.

Tune in… and then we’ll have it all here, of course too, with tons of fun details to help you out with your own home projects and personal treasure hunting!