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My Top 5 Vintage Shopping Hacks for the Shopping the ReStore

(Posted as Guest Blog Post for Habitat Metrolina Restores )

People are constantly asking me for my vintage shopping secrets– and so today I will do some revealing! We all know the Metrolina ReStores are the perfect place to shop for midcentury furniture finds like these great mod pieces spotted JUST LAST WEEK at the ReStore on Wendover:



But there’s no reason to let your vintage hunt stop at furniture! I am going to share with you my top 5 ‘don’t miss’ vintage shopping hacks for swank vintage ReStore  non-furniture items. All of the vintage items mentioned below have been spotted at area ReStores, but of course because the merchandise is always changing, not all ReStores have these items at all times. So put on your mod treasure hunting hats and stealthily check all corners of the store for these items! And I also encourage you to visit all 11 stores in the area because they each have unique vintage to offer. (….read more)