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The FAB midcentury ‘Opportunity Buy’ at the ReStore

(Guest post for the Metrolina ReStore Blog)

As you move along in your vintage hunt it’s a always a good idea to have a running list of things you know you want to find: a specific piece of mod furniture, some wall art, kitchen or barware for your collection, etc. I like to shop this way– always with a general plan in mind. But when shopping vintage you should also always be open to the appearance of that unexpected special item which you may be able to eventually use for something….even thought you are not quite sure exactly what just yet. It’s an “opportunity buy” and these are usually just too good to pass up!

My Mod Bettie case in point: hairpin legs at the ReStore.

I found this set of four 16 inch hairpin legs at the ReStore on Wendover in Charlotte sometime in late 2012-2013…. (to read more click here)

  hairpin legs tease pic