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Mad about Mod: Mod Bettie in Today’s Charlotte Woman

Today's Charlotte Woman: March 2014 Risk Takers and Challenge Seekers  It’s always nerve-wracking when someone says they want come and take pictures of your  house. (I’ve even been known to attempt to blog myself out of this feeling.)  Oh I fully realize my house is non-conventional by traditional standards and that’s really not what bugs me. It’s just a really  fast way to hammer home oh-so-quickly just how many unfinished house projects you have on your plate! When you live in any kind of an older house I think this is probably always an issue…and sometimes all it takes is one phone call for you see your that long tome of to-do’s scrolling down the wall in BIG LETTERS in front of you.

Well thankfully all the fab people at Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine were just great when they came to do the interview and pictures that appear in the March 2014 Issue. Despite the impending two-day snowpocalypse that was in early process–you can see the snow outside the window in some of the pics taken by Ken Noblezada–it’s a great piece!  The article “Mad about Mod” by Kathleen Conroy highlights the fun work I get to do with the Habitat Metrolina ReStores as well as my new venture at Sleepy Poet and a lot of stuff in between. Best of all, she calls me “June Cleaver, with an edge. Minus the pearls.” I’m probably more of a ‘Joan’ than a ‘June’- but either way,  tons of  fun to consider!

Mad about Mod by Kathleen Conroy
Mad about Mod by Kathleen Conroy

Click here to read the article “Mad About Mod” that starts on page 43.



I am and actor and producer on the lookout for midcentury gold while furnishing my 1956 atomic ranch! Happily thrifting my way through life and sharing the info and tips as I go... I am a vintage dealer at Sleepy Poet Antique Mall in Charlotte, NC

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