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ModBettie’s Rules of Thrifting and The Universe: Patience is a Virtue (Arrggggh!)

When you make a decision that you are going to re-do your house in midcentury and vintage furniture in the way that I have chosen to do- at first it all sounds really great: the hunting around, chasing stuff down, finding and getting deals-what FUN!

You start to feel that things are shaping up and there are some really great areas in your house of which you are proud …maybe you even put them on Instagram and you think it would be fun to blog and share your finds. It’s all rolling along nicely and then–something happens.

Your parents or your in-laws call, and they want to come over and see ‘all the fun things’ you’ve done to the house. Or, maybe its the holidays- pick any one of them, it doesn’t matter, and everyone wants you to host.

Or, your boss or your spouse’s boss or the First Lady calls and wants to come over for drinks or tea—eeesh! These events can be all-of -sudden enough to send any of us (read: me) into a bit of an override. Why? Because the house, although “shaping up nicely” isn’t ready or  “done” –whatever the heck that means.

Furnishing your house with vintage treasures does provide a very specific challenge: if you are on a budget and seeking them out one hunt at a time it is naturally going to be a big waiting game.

Now this can be a huge part of the fun if you adore the thrill of the hunt as I do, and makes the finding of a long sough-after item that much sweeter, believe me! But the opposing side of this is that these midcentury items are scarce so unfortunately you cannot conjure the perfect item at the perfect price out of the air for your house at any given moment when someone is coming over to scout it all out!

You have to WAIT until it arrives and plops itself in your way and beckons you to purchase it. You have to WAIT to find that perfect vintage sofa, couch or table-because these vintage items are just not readily available, and frankly that is a big  part of what makes them oh-so-deliciously appealing! So having patience with your hunt becomes truly important, and to me, quite honestly, is a reoccurring lesson in itself, and a probably a good metaphor for life.

You have to learn to ACCEPT your house as it is at any given time in it’s evolvement –even when the Queen of England has decided to come over, it’s your turn to host book club, or whatever else it may be that is sending you into a personal meltdown. Because, after all it is about the journey, and vintage seekers are always going to have a great journey and a fab story at the end to tell…

Patience may be a virtue, but acceptance is truly divine: both in house decorating and life!

How do you deal with thrifting as you decorate your home? Is it ever truly done?