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Successful Yard Sellin’

My sis Deb is a true queen of resale. She is working mom of two that juggles many things, including a super organized and clutter free house,  and she swears by purging her house with consignment and yard sales several times a year as well as selling items on Craigslist. I have been her mentee for over two years now specifically for yard sales and I am compelled to pass along the fantastic tips she has taught me and the few I taught myself along the way.


Start gathering the items for your sale. It’s helpful to have a specific place or a box for these items. Not sure if you want to sell? Put it in the box- if you don’t have to take it out of the box, then you probably don’t need it!



Do a very comprehensive Yard/Garage Sale ad on Craigslist, complete with specific item list and brand names of items. This takes time but is worth it because people will come to your sale looking for specific items. Take good pictures AND make sure you include the actual address and start/ end time of sale- yeah, this should be common sense but you wouldn’t believe how often it gets left out of the ad.

*MOD B’s Tip: Use an camera app like Insta Booth that will allow you to combine multiple pics into frames so you can utilize more pics in your ad and show more items!

You can always update this list as you add items but getting your ad up early is a must, and especially by Thursday, which is when many weekly yard sale go-ers start planning their Saturday Morn Yard sale outings.

*DEB’s  TIP:

Include these phrases in your Craiglist Ad:

‘EARLY BIRDS WELCOME’ and ‘RAIN or SHINE’. “Start early and you finish earlier” is DEB’s motto on having yard sales. Yeah, you’ll have to be up with the chickens but those first early people can be big money-they know they are getting the pick of the sale and that alone encourages them to buy more from you. My sales have started at 7am, and of course the first people are always there at 6:45.I never care because these people are typically very serious shoppers.

Advertising ‘Rain or Shine’ in your ad will encourage customers to come out despite the forcast and this is works well if you have a covered garage or space and people can shop out of the weather. Many people will cancel their sale if it rains, so if you advertise “Rain or Shine” this can give you a distinct advantage!

*MOD B’s Tip: Create a link from your Craigslist ad and utilize social media to also help you advertise and get the word out about your sale.

3. TWO DAYS BEFORE SALE: Put up clearly written & easy to read signs to guide people to your sale. Having them visible to the most main road close to your house is key. Yes, many people these days have some sort of GPS system, but many still don’t –so don’t underestimate the value of good sign placement. Having these signs up before evening rush hour two days before is even better- extra advertising for you during drive time.

*MOD B’s Tip: Rain in the forecast? No worries! Use drycleaner bags and clear tape to make your signs waterproof!

4.PRICING: Price it to move, not to keep. Price items clearly, whether that’s individually or by box or table. People come to yard sales to finds deals! Keep prices in easy to add round numbers to cut yourself a break when tallying up sales. Have many items that are $1 and under and ADVERTISE THAT IN YOUR AD.


Always have a box of free items and ADVERTISE THAT IN YOUR AD. Small toys, books, trinkets…people love free things no matter what they are and this is a great way to get rid of some items that might be harder to sell. i.e.-nailpolish you tried once and hated, for example, or product samples that you haven’t used, etc.

5. Arrange items with like items (all frames together with other wall art, all kitchen items together, all music items together, for example) and try to put them out in an easy to see and organized manner. The easier is to see your items the more likely it will be to sell them!

6. ONE DAY BEFORE SALE: Get lots of change, especially small bills and quarters. Get a small cross body purse or fanny pack to keep the money on you at all times. It’s always a good idea to line up someone to be your garage sale buddy if you can. Get an extension cord and outlet strip to have on hand in case people want to try out electrical items at the sale. Have bags and boxes available so customers can carry away their wares.

7. DAY of the SALE:

Set your alarm extra early knowing that you’ll have early customers!  Be willing to deal on your prices, especially later in the day. The goal is to sell it, so keep that in mind–

*DEB’s Tip:

Once you get to the last hour of the sale-everything is half off, or buy one get one-whichever you prefer!

8. At the end of the sale:


Nothing is allowed back in the house– you were willing to sell it so you MUST donate any leftover items to keep the resale karma going and keep your house clutter free!

And be a good neighborhood citizen by remembering to go back and take down all your signs.

9. Start planning for your next sale:

*DEB’s TIP: Have a box or basket in a closet where you regularly stash items that you know will automatically go into your next sale-old home décor that you replace, kid’s outgrown clothes or toys, for example. It makes it all easier to organize for your next house-purging event!

What great yard sale tips do you have?